Vacationos on Luxury Yachts without owning one? Just Book and Organize Boutique Cruises

Making your Dream Yacht Charter vacation easy and affordable. Relaxing on a deck, taking sips from your favorite drink, watching the sun setting on the sea, and smelling the fresh air, and salty water…These experiences are not only for the jet set.

Without owning a mega yacht, you can enjoy a wonderful boating experience. connects travelers with perfect yachts and makes dream yacht charter holidays in crewed yachts possible for different income groups.

One of the most important things during a boutique cruise vacation is, without a doubt, the food during the cruise. In boutique cruises, the meals are prepared by the yacht or gulet crew, by an expert chef, according to the booked boarding. The meals are excellent, varied and include a variety of from the same local cuisine in the area where the boutique cruise takes place. lent most of the cruises (and especially in a cabin charter cruise) the crew provides the food and a host of raw materials for the guests on the yacht.

How to charter a yacht?

One of the most important aspects of a sailing holiday is to choose the right yacht charter.’s large portfolio offers different types and sizes of crewed and bare Yachts that are all available for you and your dream vacation. If you don’t know which yacht charter to choose from all the Yachts offered, this article may help you to optimize your options. In order to go on a cruise, you don’t have to be an expert on yachts; however, some general knowledge about the different Yacht types can help you to find the yacht that will fulfill your expectations from a cruise.

In the modern times, Yachts are powered mainly by sails and/or motors. Although sails have a long tradition in the history, nowadays it is rare to find a sailing yacht without a motor.

Through a cabin charter, you can book only one cabin on a boat like booking a hotel room. Most cabins are for two and can be shared with a friend, partner or a person you just met on the cruise. In addition to your private cabin, you have an access to use the common indoor and outdoor spaces of the yacht together with other cruise participants. This is also an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends during your vacation.